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double - do double obligation; provide two functions or have two functions; "She doubles as his wife and secretary"

the 5 days from Monday to Friday inclusive when persons head to work. werkweek أسْبوع العَمَل работна седмица semana de trabalho pracovní týden die Arbeitswoche arbejdsuge εργάσιμες μέρες semana laborable töönädal هفته کاری از دوشنبه تا جمعه työviikko semaine de travail שְׁבוּע עֲבוֹדָה सोमवार से शुक्रवार तक कार्य के पांच दिन radni tjedan munkahét hari kerja vinnuvika settimana lavorativa 週労働日数 주 노동 일 수 darbo savaitė darba nedēļa minggu kerja werkweekarbeidsuke tydzień pracy د کار هفتی semana de trabalho săp­tămână lucrătoare рабочая неделя pracovný týždeň delovni teden radna nedelja arbetsvecka วันทำงาน iş günleri 週一到週五每週工作天 робочий тиждень پیر سے جمعہ تک کام کرنے کے ہفتے کے پانچ دن tuần làm việc 工作周(周一到周五工作日)

(of a device and many others) functioning the right way. werkend تَعْمَلُ الآلَة بصورَةٍ صَحيحَه работещ funcionando bem způsobilý provozu in betriebsfähigem Zustand i arbejdsmæssig stand που λειτουργεί καλά funcionando, en marcha, en condiciones töökorras درست کار کردن toimintakunnossa en état de marcheתקין सही ढंग से काम करना funkcionalan, ispravan üzemképes (állapotban) bekerja dengan baik vera í gangfæru ástandi (che funziona bene) 正しく作動して 작동되는 veikiantis darba kārtībā beroperasi atau berfungsi dengan baik in ordei god standsprawny صحی کار کول a funcionar bem în stare de funcţionare в исправности spôsobilý prevádzky ki brezhibno deluje u operativnom stanju funktionsduglig ทำอย่างถูกต้อง çalışıyor durumda (機器等)正常運作 в робочому стані کام کرنے کی حالت میں cơ chế hoạt động (機器等)处于正常运转状态,能正常发挥功能

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You use the progressive -ing form of work to discuss A brief work, but basic sorts to take a look at a read more everlasting career.

jostle - make a person's way by jostling, pushing, or shoving; "We had to jostle our technique to the front in the System"

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use, use, use, utilise, utilize - place into company; make work or use for a specific goal or for its inherent or natural intent; "make use of your head!"; "we only use Spanish at home"; "I am unable to use this Instrument"; "Apply a magnetic industry listed here"; "This thinking was applied to many assignments"; "How does one make use of this Resource?

transform - change the character, goal, or function of one thing; "transform lead into gold"; "change resorts into jails"; "convert slaves to laborers"

eleven. Nautical a. To pressure in large seas so that the joints give a little bit plus the fastenings become slack. Applied of a ship or ship.

→ hast du es weit zur Arbeit?; how much time does it acquire you to acquire to work? → wie lange brauchst du, um zu deiner Arbeitsstelle zu kommen?; at work → an der Arbeitsstelle, am Arbeitsplatz; what exactly is your work? → was tun Sie (beruflich)?; To place or throw anyone out of work → jdn arbeitslos machen; to become off work → (am Arbeitsplatz) fehlen

to remove (anything undesired or uncomfortable) by using physical physical exercise and so on. He worked off his anger by operating round the garden 6 situations. uitwerk, afwerk, afwentel يَتَخَلَّص مِن изкарвам си descarregar bavit se abreagieren få afløb for δίνω διέξοδο desahogarse maandama کاهش دادن؛ با ورزش و غیره تحلیل بردن purkaa se débarrasser de לְהָסִיר בְּהַדרָגָה छुटकारा पाना riješiti se levezeti a (mérgét stb.

Mylar is a job-centered consumer interface that improves developer productiveness by reducing facts overload and enabling uncomplicated multi-tasking.

Numerous new additions will also be cumbersome, like responding to texts from your lock monitor, swiping by means of a few Control Centre webpages to determine all options, and dismissing now-much larger notifications (which hang around and so are very easy to unintentionally open).

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